Can I Sell My Business By Myself, or do I Need Help?

Coming up with a decision to sell your business is one thing. Selling it by yourself or with other’s help is another. Do you really need help in marketing your business? Can you not handle the selling process on your own? The truth is that selling a business is easier said than done, especially if you want to sell it at the highest price possible.

Just because you know someone who sells a business does not necessarily mean that he/she can help you maximize the value of your business. You would need someone who is seasoned in selling businesses regardless of the size and industry, such as a business brokerage firm.

Why do you need the help of an expert in selling a business?

  • Business continuity – Selling a business is easier said than done. Aside from selling your business, you have to make sure you do not miss any business operations. You have to keep the business running while searching for the right buyer. With a business brokerage firm, you will have someone who is focused on finding the right buyer. All you have to do is to continue running your business and do the best you can to make it as profitable as possible to increase its resale value.
  • Confidentiality – If there is one constant trend in business, it would be confidentiality. As a business owner, your reputation isn’t judged by your last company, but by experience and impact you made as an entrepreneur. Selling a business could have both a positive and negative connotation to people. To protect your identity and your company, you would want to consider hiring a brokerage firm. They will sell your business to the right people without revealing your identity.
  • Reaching out to potential buyer – Business brokerage firms, with their experience in the industry, have all the necessary tools and marketing approach that would reach to as many potential buyers possible. With their tested and proven effective marketing campaign, they will highlight the strengths of your company to maximize the sale price. It is something that you might miss if you opt to sell your business by yourself.
  • Valuing your business – This is where the expertise of a brokerage firm comes in. Keep in mind that valuing a business is more complicated than valuing a real estate property. Those two are totally different. Not to mention, there are many different businesses out there, and there are tons of variables that could, directly and indirectly, affect the value of your business. A business brokerage firm using their hundreds, if not thousands of database, know how to determine the value of your business. They know what works best and whatnot. They have a balance of knowledge and experience, because true enough, selling a business isn’t just about who and what you know, but what you can do based on experience.

If you are thinking of selling your business, why not give Freedom Factory a call? It is one of the highly reputable brokerage firms in the country run by Robert Hirsch, a seasoned entrepreneur. Hirsch and his team will be there for you every step of the way.