How to Sell Your Share of a Business if You Have Other Partners?

Being an entrepreneur is one tough job. Some days are easy, and some aren’t. Some decisions are no brainer, while some have to be thought of a thousand times. One of the most challenging decisions to make is to sell your share of a business if you have other partners. The challenges aren’t only confined to selling your shares but on the “how’s.”

How to sell your share of the business?

The first thing you should do is to assess your shares’ size. Tyler Tysdal and his partner Robert Hirsch explain that if you have a business partner and you have a 50-50 share, you can efficiently execute and give a number. However, such a method is not always the best one, especially if you want to maximize sales. Follow these tips to help maximize sales:

  • Determine if your business partner wants to sell his/her share too. Why? Well, in terms of market valuation, you are selling 100% of your business. It is easy to sell a business like that than to sell only half a portion of the company.
  • Determine if it is the right time and decision to sell your share. If you have a business partner that has a been there done that attitude, someone who knows more than you, then it is high time to sell your share. Selling it means you can have a brand new start. You can move forward not only with your business but with your life as a whole.

Listen to Tyler Tysdal’s partner Robert Hirsch explain.

Freedom Factory helps you sell your share of the business.

If you have finally come up with a decision to sell your share of the business, do not hesitate to contact Freedom Factory. It is a brokerage firm specializing in helping entrepreneurs sell their business. They have been in the business for many years and have a wealth of experience selling all types of businesses. Freedom Factory helps maximize the value of your business by finding the right buyer and taking into consideration all your available options.

Selling a business is easier said than done, especially if there are other people in the market, such as in the case of partnership and corporations. With an experienced brokerage firm like Freedom Factory, you will be aware of all your available options so that you will be able to come up with an informed decision. Keep in mind that you always have options when selling your share of business on your own, but most of the time, you can benefit a lot from hiring the service of professionals.

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