Who is Tyler Tysdal?

Tyler Tysdal is a lifelong entrepreneur helping fellow entrepreneurs sell their business for maximum value as managing partner of Freedom Factory, The World’s Best Business Broker. Freedom Factory, based in Denver Colorado, helps entrepreneurs with the biggest sales deal of their lives. Tyler Tysdal's business partner, Robert Hirsch is the cofounder also residing in Colorado.

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Tyler Tysdal loves Colorado sports and working with investors across the United States.
Tyler Tysdal and Robert Hirsch business brokers from Freedom Factory

Seller Beware!  The Big Reasons Deals Don’t Close.

Are you wondering why some deals don’t close? The majority of people in the industry close less than 50% of sales. It means that 50% of people who agree to pay the price for a business don’t buy it. As someone selling a business, you surely don’t want it to happen to you. Before selling … Read more

Robert Hirsch business broker from Freedom Factory

Grow a Business or Buy a Business?

Growing a business or buying a business is something that not many entrepreneurs have considered. Buying and selling small companies is a pretty inefficient asset class. Finding the right one can be quite hard. It is not very easy to know what business you are in. One thing is for sure, money is made on … Read more

Robert Hirsch business broker from Freedom Factory - Tyler Tysdal

3 Ways to Maximize Your Company’s Value

If you finally decided to sell your business, one of the things you should make sure is to maximize the value of your business. There are three tested and proven practical ways to do so, and they are the following: Maximize your multiple – Different companies have different multiples. Computing multiples may sound tricky as … Read more

Robert Hirsch business broker from Freedom Factory

What Does Freedom Mean to me to Sell my Business?

Freedom means a lot to different people. If you are an entrepreneur, then you know that freedom, specifically, entrepreneurial freedom, is the first core value. Robert Hirsch, the man behind Freedom Factory, one of the highly reputable brokerage firms in the country, defined entrepreneurial freedom as the ability to do what you want, when you … Read more

Robert Hirsch business broker from Freedom Factory

What is My Business Worth?

As an entrepreneur, it is a must to know your business’s worth so that you’ll know the maximum sales value and how much effort you need to put in to grow your business even more. In general, business owners are focused on increasing sales, figuring out how to grow sales, and running the business efficiently … Read more

What is Entrepreneurial Freedom

What is Entrepreneurial Freedom?

People talk about freedom all the time. It is a subjective thing – it means different things to different people. From an entrepreneurial standpoint, freedom is being able to do what you want, with whom you wish to, as often as you want. It is able to make a choice every time you wake up … Read more

what is your stupid human trick

What is Your Stupid Human Trick?

The stupid human trick is something that lets you bend time and allows you to make a difference when running a business. Entrepreneurs have one thing they do better than anybody else. Entrepreneurs have two things that help them – mentors and peer groups. It is the reason why many aspiring entrepreneurs actively participate in … Read more

Robert Hirsch business broker from Freedom Factory

When is the Right Time to Sell My Business?

Timing is essential when it comes to selling a business. When is the right time to sell a business? The answer to this question is more of an art than science. When you make big decisions such as selling a business, it is a must to clear your mind from any form of distraction. Get … Read more

Robert Hirsch business broker from Freedom Factory

Strategies for Getting Your Company Ready to Sell

How to get your company ready to sell? It is one of the first questions that undoubtedly comes to mind if you think of selling your business. Well, there are many ways to sell your company, but first, you have to contemplate as to whether it is high time to sell your business. Not many … Read more

Robert Hirsch business broker from Freedom Factory

How Are Brokers Different From Investment Bankers?

Broker and investment bankers are two words used interchangeably. Many people don’t know the difference between the two. Although they may sound alike, these two words are different in many ways. If you are in the business industry, it is a must to know the difference between the two. By doing so, you will know … Read more