Strategy to Sell My Business if I am in Tiger 21

Are you a member of Tiger 21? Do you plan on selling your business? If so, then the Freedom Factory can help you. The man behind Freedom Factory, Robert Hirsch, is a seasoned entrepreneur and the founder of Austin Group One. In his years in the business, he has helped fellow Tiger 21 members buy and sell businesses.

Robert has a wealth of experience dealing with all types of business. To him, small to mid-sized companies are the most undervalued asset class on the planet. In a group that he had, many presentations come in talking about two 20 type structures, 2% management fee, and 20% carry. It didn’t matter what industry it was; the structure and the deal are always the same. However, the deals look different for small and mid-sized businesses. It doesn’t really matter if you are looking to buy a business on cash flow or make a strategic acquisition, Freedom Factory is there to help you.

Selling businesses the Freedom Factory way.

Here at Freedom Factory, Tiger 21 members are treated with an extra special love. If you need help in selling your business, creating strategic analysis, assistance in referring to operating heads, or anything concerning buying and selling businesses, do not hesitate to give Freedom Factory a call. Robert Hirsch and the rest of the Freedom Factory team will be more than willing to help you.