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business valuation calculator

Among your goals in marketing your business is to guarantee you will certainly have the ability to market it at the highest possible rate possible. To do this, you need initially to learn what your business is worth. Luckily, there are easily offered business valuation calculators online. However, you need to be skeptical as not … Read more

What is the Most Undervalued Asset Class?

What Is the Most Undervalued Asset Class

Businesses come in all forms – big and small. One of the most undervalued asset classes is a small business. What many people don’t know is those small businesses can be bought for three times earnings. Some can even be cost higher. Just because it is a small business that does not necessarily mean that … Read more

How Do I Sell My Business?

Robert Hirsch business broker from Freedom Factory

How to sell your business? It is a question that is quite difficult to answer because you need to start at a 30,000-foot view and go down and land the plane. What you need first to understand is that buying and selling small businesses is inefficient if you don’t know how to create deal tension … Read more

How Can I Live My Best Life by Selling My Business?

Tyler Tysdal and Robert Hirsch business brokers from Freedom Factory

Selling a business is both an art and a science. Today, we are going to tackle the art side of selling a business. As an entrepreneur, what does it take for you to live your best life? A perfect example is Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, one of the popular social media platforms today. … Read more

How to Stay Involved in My Business but Sell the Majority?

Tyler Tysdal and Robert Hirsch business brokers from Freedom Factory

Just because you are selling the majority of your shares does not necessarily mean you can’t stay involved in your business. Making an exit from your company for whatever reasons require you to involve your employees in the transition process. One of the essential things to keep in mind when exiting your business is to … Read more

How do I Sell My Business without a Broker?

Tyler Tysdal and Robert Hirsch business brokers from Freedom Factory

Does selling a business without a broker work? As a business owner, selling your business is easier said than done, especially if you talk about emotional attachments. You have built a business from the ground up, and now, here you are, finally decided to let it go. There is a tendency that your emotions will … Read more

Strategy to Sell My Business if I am in Tiger 21

Tyler Tysdal and Robert Hirsch business brokers from Freedom Factory

Are you a member of Tiger 21? Do you plan on selling your business? If so, then the Freedom Factory can help you. The man behind Freedom Factory, Robert Hirsch, is a seasoned entrepreneur and the founder of Austin Group One. In his years in the business, he has helped fellow Tiger 21 members buy … Read more