What is Your Stupid Human Trick?

The stupid human trick is something that lets you bend time and allows you to make a difference when running a business. Entrepreneurs have one thing they do better than anybody else. Entrepreneurs have two things that help them – mentors and peer groups. It is the reason why many aspiring entrepreneurs actively participate in different groups, something that would further enhance their knowledge and skills as entrepreneurs.

Your efficacy and strength as entrepreneurs have something to do with your ability to understand your self and how you handle the stress and triggers that may come your way. These factors will not only affect your efficacy as an entrepreneur but as a manager and leader. Once you learn how to handle these things, then you will be able to master the art of bending time. What does it mean? Well, if you become an expert in your craft, you’ll be able to do things more efficiently than others.

A perfect example is the 80/20 principle wherein 20% of what you produce would yield to 80% results. If you have this stupid human trick, you’ll be able to bend time – turning the 80/20 principle into 95/5 principle. With a learned human trick, you’ll be able to learn how to replicate the process three to five times or even more. So, you’re not only looking at 100% but as high as 400% or even more. Almost unbelievable, right? But, that is how the human trick works – the sharper you get there, the easier and more useful you can be.

Figuring out the stupid human trick is all about not doing what everybody else is doing. It’s doing what works best for you over and over again. It could lead to disproportionate results, but you can use it to shift the line. If you want to be different from everybody else, you get to discover your stupid human trick because it allows you to bend time. It makes you a great leader and provides tons of value to your business.

If you have been in the business for quite some time now or you’re a new entrepreneur finding your way to business success, do not hesitate to get in contact with people who can guide you through success – be it a small success or the big one. Robert Hirsch from Freedom Factory is one of the best sources of knowledge and inspiration. He is the managing partner at Freedom Factory, a brokerage firm that helps people and business owners sell their business at a maximum possible value.


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